Visiting Himba, Damara, San and Herero Tribes in Namibia

Visiting Himba, Damara, San and Herero Tribes in Namibia

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Among the features of an African trip is a possibility to meet up with the native tribes of Africa. We knew that we would want to see at least a few of the many local indigenous tribes in Namibia when we were preparing our Namibia trip itinerary. Nevertheless, it absolutely was not so simple to find detailed information on the best place to see Himba, Damara, Herero, or San people in Namibia. Therefore i do want to share our experience visiting these native tribes of Namibia. All of us would like to try and steer clear of a sense of visiting a peoples zoo, yet we very long to make the journey to understand other countries and find out more about the practices of men and women whoever life style can be so different from ours.

Warning: when you yourself have one thing against nudity, you shouldn’t read further. For the reason that instance We also urge you perhaps perhaps not go to the native tribes of Africa, as there is certainly actually absolutely no way around it. It is whom those folks are and just how they reside. Because of this post I attempted to pick the images without a lot of nakedness it was not always possible in them, but.

Summary of the native tribes we visited in Namibia:

How to locate A himba that is authentic tribe Namibia

The Himba are semi-nomadic people that are indigenous primarily in Damaraland region in Northern Namibia. They been able to avoid too much outside impact and protect the lifestyle that is traditional. It’s the people that are only the native tribes we visited in Namibia who actually nevertheless live the way in which their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. They cannot place a show up when it comes to tourists. (更多…)

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